Generator Labor $100.00/hour
Mechanical/Outdrives (Neil DeMatt) $125.00/hour
Air Conditioning Labor (Kreer Heating Co.) $125.00/hour
Fiberglass Repairs (SI Enterprise) $135.00/hour
Blister Repairs (SI Enterprise) $155.00/hour
Travel Lift - Haul and Launch $14.00/foot
Forklift Use $75.00
Tow to Lift/Slip $100.00
Clean Bottom $4.00/foot
Bottom Blasting Services $40.00/foot
Block $100.00
Portable Pump Out $100.00
Clean and Wax Hull $21.00/foot + materials
Clean and Wax Topsides $23.00/foot + materials
Compound and Wax Hull $26.00/foot + materials
Compound and Wax Topsides $28.00/foot + materials
                              - 2 Part Compound, Add $10.00/foot + materials
Bottom Painting - Travel Lift and Washer Included $30.00/foot + materials
Bottom Painting - Boat Already Hauled and Blocked $16.00/foot + materials

Winterize (each gasoline engine) # of engines (includes heads and water system) $250.00/engine + materials
Oil & Oil Filter Change (highly recommended to reduce potential corrosion in oil) $125.00/engine + materials
Change Fuel Filters $50.00/engine + materials
Transmission Fluid Change $50.00/engine + materials
Compression Test (find out next spring's problems now) $150.00/engine
Winterize Generator Time + materials
Winterize Air Conditioner $100.00 + materials